Saturday, May 9, 2009

New President, New Mission, Same Sinister Objectives

After a week long tour of Bolivia, investigating and reporting on Washington's "soft war" in the Andean country, Eva Golinger was back in Caracas the other night to unveil the republication of her latest book, La Telaraña Imperial: Enciclopedia de Injerencia y Subversión (The Imperial Web: Encyclopedia of Interference and Subversion). Equally inspiring as her last two books, this co-authored piece of work is an exhaustively researched compilation of who's who in the complex network of global economic and political control. Once again utilizing her expertise in weilding the Freedom of Information Act as a citizens' tool for staying vigilant about the actions and intentions of international actors and private organizations, NGOs and think tanks, Golinger exposes the truth behind this sinister web of global cooperation and their objective of total control over us, the earthly masses, the average man, the average This non-linear read features such monumentaly influencial people as David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski, the three founders of the Trilateral Commission and in my mind, three of the most pyschologically diseased sociopaths on the face of the planet. The Trilateral Commission represents itself as an altruistic think-tank determined to confront and solve the latest challenges to the cooperative economic structures between North America, Europe and Japan, but the website does little to mask its ambiguity or blunt the uneasy sense that this group is nothing more than a filthy rich gentleman's club (sorry, "private citizens") who are working very hard to maintain and expand their spheres of control over global economic and political entities. The book spares no seemingly altruistic institute or feathery-titled foundation from the unveiling of their deception, nor any talking head from the revelation of their true substance; the entry for George W. Bush is appropriately three sentences long: "President of the United States of America from 2001 until 2009. Republican from the state of Texas, son of George H.W. Bush and ex-governor of Texas. Responsible for the wars in Iraq and Afganistán." What more could possibly be worth mentioning, the guy was a bumbling moron with the IQ of jello, who was able to capture the minds and hearts of uneducated and dangerously dogmatic religious republicans and implement the strategies of the real power brokers. These same power brokers are also secretely pulling the strings of the Obama Administration. His campaign was a perfect preview of things to come: an empty promise for change, a world of hope and a smile. Obama's hope is dangerous because it has nothing to do with change. Instead, it convinces people who don't know any better to accept a shitty today for the promise of a better tomorrow, because with hope anything can happen. What he forgot to mention is that nothing happening at all is an equally likely scenario. But so is revolution, only it won't happen through hope, it will happen through action, determination and faith in the dynamic spirit and inherent goodness in humankind.

The world wide revolution has already started, only you wouldn't know it from your coffeeshop patio in the North, sipping lattes with the morning paper. The revolution is happening right now across the global South, smoldering in the ashes of villages that stood in the way of the neoliberal machine, boiling in the blood of the dispossessed, people who lost their history and the cultural mirrors that tell them who they are and where they should be going. The revolution in Venezuela, or Bolivarian Socialism, is a complex and contentious social phenomenon that is leading a monumentous push by the new Latin American left to take back what has been stolen from them since Columbus landed in Jamaica all those years ago: resources, sovereignty and dignity. It's easy to criticize Chavez' 21st Century Socialism, accusing it of exacerbating corruption and violence, or challenging the true depth of its commitment and the extent that it is actually redefining the essence of the collective consciousness of the Venezuelan people, or questioning why millions in oil revenue (or the oil itself) is given away to other countries when people inside this one are marred by poverty. But the other side of Venezuela's story, what's going on right now behind the scenes and what's happened in the past to necesitate and explain the events of today, is rarely talked about, little known and never, ever reported on by mainstream media here or abroad.

Interference and subversion. The "soft war" that has been waged against Latin American for decades (alongside periodic small-scale, CIA-sponsored warfare) cannot be excluded from any legitimate enquiry into the objectives and the actions of the Venezuelan government. One of the principle villains in Golinger's research is the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a US-based foundation that operates internationally with the ironic objective of strengthening and spreading democratic processes around the world. While claiming to be funded exclusively by private entities, NED receives Congress-approved funding through the Department of State to funnel money to foreign political parties that stand in oppostion to democratically elected socialist/left-wing governments with economic agendas that put the domestic needs of their citizens above the contracts of exploitative multinationals. Among other organizations, the NED has put millions of dollars into the pockets of opposition political parties in Venezuela. In the game of dirty politics, the gift of money doesn't come without a wishlist: take out Hugo Chavez. The short-lived, failed coup attempt in April 2002 was virtually orchestrated by discontent voices in Washington, through the transfer of intelligence and strategy and the money to make it all happen. Watch The Revolution Will Not Be Televised or read Golinger's first book The Chavez Code to understand the full story. The NED, USAID, Sumate, and a host of other groups continue to operate illegally within Venezuela, implementing a strategy of interference and subversion in a "soft war" against the hearts and minds of the people through media control and pyschological operations (PSYOPS) to create internal division among the people and exploit the problems within the Chavez government.

The balance of power has already changed and Latin America is quickly emerging as a global superpower with Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Cuba, among other nations, providing the leadership and the courage to confront their shared northern aggressor with its doctrines of "Manifest Destiny" and "Project for a New American Century", which seeks to reimpose relationships of subjugation across America's "backyard", to borrow the words of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Please, don't believe the lies about Venezuela and Chavez that are fed to you by mainstream media. Search around and find out for yourself. Viva la Revolución!

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